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Hurray! It’s my favourite season. There are so many things I love about winter. From the cozy fires and the hot drinks, to the rainy days that make going to sleep easier and getting out of bed 10 times harder.
Sometimes you can feel a little bit cooped up inside when it’s been raining for days or it’s just too cold for your fingers to even move. There are so many ideas on what to do and I have a few of those ideas to help you out!

= things to eat =

  • SOUPS! It goes without saying, having a nice big soup mug, or bowl, full of your favourite flavour, will fill you up at the same time as warming your body. Pumpkin, corn chowder, chicken noodle, kumara, pea and ham…the list is endless!
  • Warm bread – Now rising the bread might be tricky. There’s the window sill if you have a bit of sun coming in, or next to the fire which would be even more perfect. If you’re really desperate, you can always use the oven on the lowest setting/defrost. My favourite to make is focaccia as it’s perfect to pair with soup, or just eat by itself!
  • Slow cooker ANYTHING – pop on the slow cooker before you go to work, and you’ll come home to the house smelling nice and delicious. Soup, casserole, stew, or even a curry. The other week I popped on a ham hock in water with a chopped onion, and came home and it was falling off the bone. Transferred it to a larger pot and added more water, split peas, and extra veges, and there you have it.
  • Bakes – lasagna, layered potato bake, cottage pie…mmm my mouth is watering! These meals are also a really good way to save for the next day and take to work. Nothing like having a bit of home cooking while everyone else is wasting their money at a cafe. Save yourself money, and eat healthy at the same time.

= & drink =

  • Hot Chocolate – you can get very creative with this one! Pinterest is the bible for hot chocolates. Nutella, cinnamon, UNICORN, vanilla…topped off with a cheeky swirl of whipped cream. You could get very creative, and also give yourself a great opportunity to get those instagram likes in the process! 
  • Mulled wine – now, I myself have not tried mulled wine yet, but my mum used to make it for her mid winter Christmas’s (for all those not in NZ/Aus, we have Christmas in summer and sometimes throw Christmas themed parties in Winter June-August).
  • Tigers milk – ewww, what? Okay, this ones a little original (I think). When I was a wee gremlin, I used to ask my dad for a hot chocolate most nights. One night we ran out, so he made ‘tigers milk’ which was just heated milk with a spoon of honey in it! It’s not just delicious, it’s also a cute substitute if you haven’t got all the right ingredients!
  • Cider – Okay, this one may not exactly be HOT, but it’s a delicious way to remember the season just gone by. Pear, apple, feijoa…something to quench your thirst when the rooms getting too hot from the fire/heater.

hotchocolates= things to do inside =

  • Make a fort
  • Make a cozy reading area – nice warm warm in the background, blanket and a couch by the window (bonus if you have a window bench seat!).
  • Board games + cards
  • Arts and crafts! Painting, illustrating…now’s the time to create something new or change your room up a bit.
  • Snail mail – now’s the time to start writing to your long lost friend! Grandparents, family member, anyone!
  • Spa day ~ bring out those face masks, bath bombs, foot spas…it’s time to pamper yourself! One of my favourite memories with my mum, is when her and I, my sister and my aunt, stayed in our pajamas all day long, hired out tons of chick flicks, did our makeup, had foot spas, and had nibbles! I miss times like those!
  • Bake! It’s a great way to get busy as well as having fun in the kitchen with a friend. If you have a child, nothings more exciting coming home to deliciously made fresh baking that your parent has created for you to come home to.
  • Gaming! ~go out and buy some snacks for your day-long gaming streak. Bring out the old PS1, or just stick with a current console. Unless you’re a PC gamer, then you can stay in bed if you have a laptop, or have a lan party with your friends! This is definitely something I always did when I visited my best friends house. I’d be on The Sims, she’d be blowing zombies heads off, and it would be stormy outside so we would run to the car, grab maccas, grab our favourite drink and snack food, then stay inside allllll day. You can always choose healthier options! It doesn’t have to be full of sugar and junk food.
  • Visit the library ~ now, this is a great idea if you don’t want to catch that cabin fever. Libraries are a really good place to study as they’re quiet, you can learn for dayyyys with their extensive recipe sections, grab a stack of your favourite childhood stories, or just simply have your favourite book and find a cozy corner to nestle yourself into.
  • Write at a cafe ~ bring out your favourite notebook, or your laptop, and settle yourself into an area in a cafe with your favourite hot drink. You’ll feel less alone if you were to be stuck at home by yourself, and most cafes have wi-fi as well! Nice music, background noise to keep you relaxed, and a clear zone to get some good work done. Nothing more relaxing than blogging at a cute cafe with good vibes!
  • Road trip – another way to get out of the house, you could jump in the car, go grab a friend or two, and cruise around in your home town or go to another town for the day. Have the heater up, make yourself a playlist, pack some food or find a nice place to eat along the way.
  • Second-hand shopping – the best way to go clothes shopping on a cold day! You can have a lot of fun at a second-hand store. Cheap clothes, and you might just find a golden treasure waiting to be found by you.


Remember, winter is just cold! It doesn’t always mean you can be stuck inside all day. It also gives you a good reason to go winter shopping for cute skivvy’s and warm jeans, or bring your favourite scarfs and ugg boots out to play.
Hopefully this post has given you a few ideas of what to do on your next chilly day off, or maybe what to make for dinner tonight. I look forward to making more winter-inspired posts in the near future for you all!

♡ Stay warm people ♡






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