Polychromo Pencil 120 Pack


Hello people! Short and sweet post for you today.

Ever thought of getting Faber Castell Pencils? Well, I sort of have a fetish (but not really…) for stationery. Particularly, Faber Castell’s Polychromo Pencils. Ever since seeing the anniversary pack, I have been gawking at the need to own every colour they have in the coloured pencils. Finally, after studying for 5 years, I decided to buy myself a graduation present. THE 120 PACK -insert heart eye emoji- and I have never been more happy with what some may call, and expensive useless thing. Not useless at all! I finally have every shade I could possibly want, or be happy with. Yet I’m still afraid (or lazy?) to colour in my colouring beds. Do you own anything from Faber Castell? Comment and let me know what your favourite product is. A girl can never have too much stationery…



PencilCaseOpenThese pencils work a charm! So happy with the make of this product. Not as soft as Prismacolour pencils, but still what I would prefer in a pencil. Hopefully when I find more time to do art, I’ll produce something using these bad boys??

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