Hello 2017!


Hello everyone, I hope 2017 for all of you has started off well.
Quick apologies for the lack of posts, but I’m a free woman now! A little update and story of my studying experience, and why
you should never give up on yourself or something you love. Warning, it’s a bit of a read, but it’s my story of the past
5 years, or should I say, 80% of my life? No much of a big deal….:

November the 18th (2016) was my final art exhibition, for the last 5 years I have been studying. 5 years?!” I hear you scream, “Why so long??
I know, I know. That’s exactly how I’ve felt for that length of time. To put it in perspective, I was born on a Monday, November the 1st 1993.
5 years later, I started primary school, and that doesn’t include the time before that when I started pre-school/kindy etc.
Primary school > Intermediate > High school, and right after high school, straight into study
…skipping the confusion, that’s about 80% of my life I have been in school.

Failure, can be hard for some. For others, it can be a purpose to drive themselves to do amazing things.
In my last year of high school, year 13, 7th form? I failed NCEA, but I  had already been accepted for my diploma in visual
arts and design at the Eastland Institute of Technology in Hawke’s Bay.
The first year went great, but the second year came when I enrolled in the degree, instead of the diploma.
I got C’s allll year, and never really knew what I was doing.
I failed twice, passed one paper, but the last paper, I couldn’t finish until the same time the following year.

After working all of 2014, and trying to figure who I was, I eventually caught up to school again and finished my last paper of my first year
of my degree, and convinced myself that that was it. I’d come back in a few years and finish it when I wanted to.

But… something inside me said “Degree, or no degree, that is the question? You’ll have a loan regardless” then I thought “I don’t want to
be rolling ice-cream and making milkshakes for another year, and dealing with rude customers”.
So, within 2 weeks, I had re-enrolled, sorted my student loan, accommodation, and moved.
I knew it was the right decision, and it’s what made me get to where I am today.
Without taking that scary jump, and listening to my inner gut, I wouldn’t have achieved all the things I have to this date.

2015, I’m back, and teachers weren’t 100% sure if I was going to make it, but little did they know, I was a brand new person and I was ready to
achieve amazing things that year. I finally knew why I was there, and had more support from my family than ever.
Started off the year a bit rocky, but I got my first B, and ended the year with more B’s than a hive! (not really, but I felt like jumping from
a C average, to getting B’s, was really something) and it caught the attention of a couple teachers.

In one of my previous posts, or maybe a couple, I wrote about Fran Meneses. She was the turning point of my inspiration and drive for my
new style of illustration, and having someone I could connect with so well, gave me confidence in myself and my artwork. I learnt a lot by
learning from another and I really encourage you to do the same. After reading the book Steal Like an Artist, I learnt that it’s okay
to learn from others, and develop your own style from such practices. Not everyone can imagine things that, simply, just aren’t there.
That’s what teachers are for, right? You learn from others, and pass your knowledge on again. It’s a cycle of never ending knowledge.

Anyway, let’s continue:
2015 went amazing, I had been held down a year for failing the previous year, but everything fell together, and it was truly meant to be.
I was finally with people I felt supported with, comfortable to talk to, and encouraged every day. It truly made the whole difference in
my second to last year of studying.

YAY! I PASSED! Only one more year to go!

2016. My finally year. The best year so far. I had learnt the previous years to believe in myself, or I won’t get anywhere.
Self worth is a huge thing.
You eat when you’re hungry, you drink when you’re thirsty, you strive when you believe in yourself.
2016 was full of a lot of learning curves, just like every year, and I knew I was close and had learnt from a lot of my mistakes.
I had a job that was amazing, but cut into my study time, so when I was financially ready to support myself, I left with 10 weeks to go until
I was going to graduate. If I didn’t that risk, then I wouldn’t have finished A BOOK. A FRIGGEN BOOK. Yup. Can I say it again?

A    F R I G G E N   B O O K !!!!!!!!

64 pages, some blank, most full of amazing, positivity and creativity. Hence the name The Journal of Creativity and Positivity.
I will make a post in the near future telling you all about my blood sweat and tears, but for now, there’s the link so you can take a gander.
I wish I didn’t have to make it so expensive, but I will have a cheaper version in the future!


These 3 pictures, 8 people, are the cause of my happiness and success to this date.

  1. First, my girls. Studied with them for 2 years, but feel like I’ve known them longer! So much love and support
    from them, it’s insane. Wouldn’t have been able to be as happy and successful without them!
  2. ME. Very proud of the book I took so long to make, and put everything I could into making it. Added a little touch for
    my exhibition, which correlated with one of the activities in the book, where I left a few post-it note pads and a gel pen
    for people to draw, or write encouraging notes for people to take and replace. It was really successful! A lot of people joined
    in, and the post-it notes GREW. A very interactive and exciting installation, which I am proud to look back on.
  3. Last, but not least, my family. And my best friend (the one with the wickedly cool hair). These people are the backbone to my
    road to happiness. I truly couldn’t have done it without their support. They all came down from Gisborne and Auckland to
    join me on this day, and it was truly emotional. I felt so incredibly loved.

Thee VERY next day, I started my moving journey to my new life on Waiheke Island.
2 days moving, and I jumped right into work the day after.
So, studying my whole life, and jumping straight into work, it hasn’t been all that bad.
I’m still recovering from getting out of overdraft (yay poor student life), but I’ve already met the most amazing people.
I’m so happy with what I’ve done to this date, and I’m so excited for 2017, ’cause I know it’s going to be my year.

What I am getting at by making this post? Well, to put it simply, failure can be an option. It might happen, it might not.
You have to invest in yourself and your future, by doing something. I failed twice, but I knew I was talented and I wanted a
life in the artistic industry, so I pushed myself, and it worked. You don’t get anywhere by dreaming. You set goals, and achieve them.
Take time out if you don’t know what you want to do. Read some books, get a job in hospitality, meet people and learn their stories. LIVE.

Life is an amazing thing, and we can all do it. We can all make our own mark on the world if we choose to do so. You’re more powerful
and wonderful than you think. You go, you. 2017 is your year too!

I better cut it here before you all fall asleep! Thanks for taking the time to read, and don’t forget…

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive, who is youer than You

– Dr Seuss

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