Australia Day 2

Hello everyone! I am currently sitting down writing out this new blog post on my new baby <3 the Macbook air. It was about time I invested in a good laptop that I can take around with me and smash out blog post easier than before. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, but I never felt creatively inspired to write having a huge iMac. But since the end of March I have been working hard to set myself up for any future plans.
Sometime in late autumn/start of winter, I was given the amazing opportunity to fly to Australia thanks to my Pa. So the saving began and I had a goal in mind and set out to achieve it. And here I am, sitting down in my own little space my Blakely family in Aus have made for me. It’s the nicest little area. They’ve laid down a nice mattress and sectioned off my sleeping spot with a pop-up wall to keep my quarters seperate to the downstairs lounge (which is hardly ever used anyway).

So the day of the flight I spent most of the morning packing extra things, and clearing my room. I took Finn to get a couple patches of mattered fur shaved and his skin was a little pink so the vet could tell he was going to be a bit happier, plus we gave him an extra flea treatment as his recent one didn’t do the trick.
I decided to bring my iMac to Australia because I wanted to give myself more opportunities if I needed it, and I know if I get a design job, an iMac is going to help me out a LOT.
Before the 12pm ferry, my dad and I met up with my ex-work mate and friend Melisha at the terminal. Luckily there was a bag scales there…one bag was 15kgs. COOL! Max is 23…but the other was 32. OOPS. and my carry-on, which was meant to be 7kgs ended up being 14. I’m normally very accurate when it comes to packing, but clearly not this time. It didn’t matter, I knew I’d be able I’d be able to sort it out at the airport. Luckily we gave ourselves plenty of time before bags closed at 3. Got there at 3, and took half an hour sharing the weight between the 2 checked in items.
Unluckily the lady advised me that my carry-on was twice the limit (thanks miss I know), and that they would be weighing it.
Everything in there was important and I didn’t want to give up anything, so I checked it in as extra extra luggage…but wasn’t charged some how! I don’t know how it happened, but I was pretty excited to not have to spend an extra $100.

Flight was a little delayed, but I don’t recall ever being on a flight that was on time.
Thankfully, my dad reserved me a seat by the window, and I had a very cool seat neighbour. We drank and watched movies, and played games the whole way there. It was the best fun! International flights rule!

Hopping off the plane, collecting my bags, and seeing my Aunty was a bit of a rush. I mean, I wasn’t THAT tipsy, but it was a rush of excitement. Pretty sure. Yeah…
It was an easy rest of the night, sat down and chatted with my cousins and then fell asleep. I woke up at 2am and forced myself to sleep in, which was very hard. Eventually just before 6am the kookaburra’s were laughing away outside so I decided to get up as I could hear upstairs creaking too.
Spent the morning watching birds with binoculars, and had a good chat to Dad before he got ready for work back in NZ.

Later that day, my uncle took me to a bank to get my accounts all sorted out. One big thing finally out of the way. Yay! I spent the rest of the day just chilling at home and napping until 6pm rolled on and I met my Pa for the first time in 10 years. It was a beautiful night.

DAY 2, 6th of September:

Today was an amazing day. Nothing too special at the start of the day, just breakfast and a little more of napping to get rid of this jet lag.
2pm rolled on through, and I went out with my Aunt Ann. She took me to a place called Chermside, which is the largest mall in the southern hemisphere. So you can say the Australian’s know how to shop! Apart from this sexy laptop I’m writing on, I purchased some jandals for $1.50!!!! Flats for $4, and sneakers for $7, and a reusable drink bottle…K-Mart never seizes to make me happy. Even in another country.
We ate lunch at a delicious bagel cafe, and they have the coolest range of bagel bread to choose from. I was amazed by everything!

Now I’m just resting in bed, excited for tomorrow. I may be a bit AFK as I’m going for a hike to some caves!!! I couldn’t be more excited! But I will be updating when I can.
Talk soon people!

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