The 31 Day Drawing Challenge!


Hi everyone! First of all, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing turn out for the opening of my blog. There were more views and interactions than I thought would happen! And thank you to everyone that has subscribed to my posts.

Okay, so, have you heard of photo or drawing challenges? If not, they’re basically lists of things to draw or photograph and upload to Instagram. It helps you keep focussed on a task, and by the end of the challenge, you can see all the work you did and be very proud. There might be monthly categories such as ‘The January Photo Challenge’ and be full of summer tasks (yes, it’s Summer in New Zealand in January), or a more simple challenge that you can do whenever.
I’ve always wanted to create my own list, and for my current project at Uni, I’m developing a book which will be full of creative prompts and ideas to help you stay inspired and positive.

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge will be a page in my book, and I need YOUR help to get it started!
The whole idea is to do a drawing everyday beginning from (1) from the start date, and on the very last day, if completed all 31 days, you go into the draw to win prizes!

By tagging and uploading, you give me permission to use your photos for display at the final art exhibition for my project. These will not be remade or replicated in anyway. Your Instagram or Twitter will be mentioned if you shall allow it, for acknowledgment and thanks. Photos of the challenge will be collated into a display book for the audience to view in a folder for the graduate art exhibition

Okay! Onto the details! Below is the challenge, number from day 1 to day 31, and the guidelines.


• Upload your sketch for the day to either Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and hashtag #JustMegs31DayChallenge and tag my page/account for that social media. If done through Facebook, you may make a PUBLIC album so I can see it, and upload to that, OR upload a photo on the post I have made for that challenge of the day.

• You can start early if you wish, but the official start date is SEPTEMBER THE 5th. This challenge is 31 days, so OCTOBER THE 5TH will be your final day to complete.

• You may use your choice of media including sketchbooks, a collage, Adobe/Creative programs, to produce your artwork on.

• Each day must be in order (do not mix days). This makes it fair for everyone else and easy to keep track of entries.

• If you miss a day, you can catch up the next day. Don’t stress! This is meant to be a fun challenge.


If you have any queries for this challenge, you can mail me through my Facebook page, the contact sheet on this website, or email me at


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