07/09 to 12/09 Aussie Trip Update



Sleeping last night was a lot easier. I’m finding the naps in the afternoon are helping a lot. I got out of bed at 6:30am to start my day, which was an accomplishment on the lines of jet lagging-ness.
Again, this morning, I awoke to the sound of kookaburra’s but finally caught a photo of the beautiful creature.

I was a little confused by the head to body ratio. They remind me a little of Einstein too.

Once we were on the road, we grabbed some lunch at the supermarket and headed out to the country to where the rock and blues festival is about to happen.
Daisy is a face painter who goes by the Facebook name Facenator (but may be changing to another name soon so keep your eye out)
, so I am VERY excited to watch her in action when it starts on Friday next week.

It’s currently 4:47pm and we only got back not long ago, from another little sub-trip around to have a look at the water dam and find some food in the local township ‘Imbal’.
On our way towards the dam, we spotted these cuties!

While I was in Imbal, I was looking for some crystals for my anxiety. I was feeling any of them, and as soon as I decided not to buy anything, the WHOLE side of the display cabinet went POOF! And sounded like a power outlet exploding! One whole panel of glass shattered for no reason, and I’m not one for signs, but I walked out of there pretty quick and didn’t step another step inside.

After Imbal, Daisy and I made our way back to the festival grounds where her partner was, and we set up my bed in the back of their station wagon.
I ended the night watching the good ole movie O’ Brother Where Art Thou.

It’s been such a nice chill day, the hiking starts the middle of next week so I have plenty to look forward to.


Today started around 7:30am. As usual, the kookaburra’s were laughing away in the morning.

Daisy and I didn’t waste too much time around the campsite, as we made our way to Gympie.
On the way we stopped in to have a bit of a chat to her partner’s lovely parents, and then we went to town. After a wallet that was forgotten, we went to the campsite and back again, and finished off our duties in town which included subway for lunch, and these cuties~

Daisy took we all the way to Tin Can Bay where her main residence is, and after picking up a few things she took me to the mud flaps and we had a little walk on the low tide shore watching all the  tiny crabs scuttle away, and a few blokes enjoying the beautiful weather fishing.

Most of today consisted of driving, but I loved it. I got lots of time talking with my Aunt and listening to music, got a few naps in, and a small sunburn on one side of my shoulder…(oops!)

Fast forward to now, we’re parked up at a farm ground site for a little event happening on Sunday, and I’m lying in the back of the station wagon on my bed I just made up with about a million layers of blankets. It may be 27° by day here, but it’s so cold over night.

I definitely learnt I shouldn’t forget putting socks on because me poor tootsies were chilling last night.


Last night was a bit rough. Each night we’ve put a mat over the top of the station wagon roof to keep the direct morning sun off my face. But last night, the wind picked up a bit and kept blowing it off. This was about 12am, and just. kept. HAPPENING. I must have got out of bed about 5 or 6 times just trying to readjust it so the morning sun wouldn’t beam into my eyes or over heat me.

I’ll probably be a bit groggy today, but I’m really looking forward to later when I might have the chance to see a platypus. Tomorrow is going to be the Obi Obi Motorcycle Show, so a whole bunch of people are going to come with their bikes and there will be a few stalls including Daisy’s face painting, and a burger truck. Mmmmm!

Keith, Daisy and I took a road trip up to Mapleton which is a very beautiful town, with a magnificent view. There was a Saturday market on, and I scored myself some pineapple syrup (which I’ve never heard of) a bag of mandarins, and a jar of tomato relish. We had a beautiful walk through the township, and I ended up picking up my sister a couple things I know she’s going to love, and my mum and dad some delicious fudge. Maple & Walnut, and Macadamia Vanilla Chocolate. Dad’s an Aussie and loves Macadamias (I think) and Mum loves Maple and Walnut. So sweet but so delicious and beautiful!

We ended up going to another mini lake for lunch, and I ate wayyy too much.

After lunch we headed to the lookout at Mary Cairncross Reserve and it was just such a beautiful sight to see. Photos don’t do it any justice.

We tried to keep our eyes out for a platypus at a special spot on the way back to the house bus, but the little guy was hiding too well.

Because of the very little sleep I had last night, I’m currently hiding away in the back of the station wagon we just re-set up, but it’s right next to the main stage which they’re sound testing…*WELP* I might be able to get in some sleep if I zone out enough. Later there’s going to be a BBQ and a bonfire so I might be up for a little bit of that if I have the energy.

Update: Nap went very well. Sun had gone down, but the bonfire was burning which was nice. Even though we’re all the way out in the middle of the country, I still get about 2 bars service to keep contact with the outside world, and I had the most amazing shower. Sure it was a bit indecisive about what temperature it wanted to be, but I was finally able to wash my hair, and shave my leg prickles. Extremely uncomfortable having the awkward leg hair stage when you’re wearing a dress, and wearing leggings doesn’t feel good either. So you could say I’m a ‘happy camper’.
We ended the night with Daisy’s partner Keith playing some really good songs around the campfire. Some were so funny! I laughed so much. Others were really good classics like ‘Home Among The Gumtrees’ and ‘Man Of Constant Sorrow’ (LOVE ‘O Brother Where Art Thou!).

Tomorrow’s going to be the first day I see Daisy at work face painting, so I’m pretty excited.


Last night was the best sleep yet I think. After Keith putting the tarpaulin over the car, it made a huge difference and made it nice and cozy, and kept the morning sun out of my eyes. There wasn’t any flapping around at nigh either.

Once I got up, the crew put on a bacon & egg sammy breakfast which was a true delicacy when you’re out in the waps.

I’m currently sitting under the shade watching Daisy paint a moustache on a young boy, and it’s so much fun! All the bikes are out, there’s plenty of people walking around, and a few stalls up. One burger shack, and a pizza oven. Cool, right?

It’s almost 1:30pm here in Obi Obi, and the festival is going so great! Daisy is smashing out some amazing designs, and this is what she has done on my face~

She’s been painting all sorts from a green snake all up along a child’s arm, to beautiful, colourful full-face butterflies. It’s so great watching her work. Very inspiring, and I’m already feeling so creative.
Ive spent my whole time just watching and writing up ideas for blog posts on my laptop. It’s so nice to finally be able to just sit down and type as much as I like, instead of filling up my sketchbooks and losing them.


So I didn’t write yesterday, but all that really happened was on the 10th we stayed the night at Keith’s parents, yesterday chilled until about 1pm then ew made our way to Tin Can Bay where I stayed last night. In the very late afternoon, we made our way to the beach lookout, I can’t remember the name, near Rainbow Beach~

Daisy made us a delicious Green Curry, and then we called it an easy night.

Today we got up a little earlier than usual, and left the house at 7:30am to feed to local dolphins! They were sooo cute, and there was even a baby one that kept annoying his mum. He was absolute mischief! 

I couldn’t help myself when it came to breakfast at the dolphin café! All the food looked soo good. And seeing as Daisy is a local, we were lucky enough to bump into her neighbour called Brian who has a nice sail boat and he offered to take us out on the water! So we spent about 3 hours just sailing around, but I could hardly see as it was so bright. But I still thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even saw a turtle or two pop their cute heads up to say hello. We were so lucky!

I’ll leave today here. There was a high of 27ºc, and now we’re all just chilling at Daisy’s, lounging about. Enjoying the lazy afternoon.

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